Nothing happens unless you ‘MAKE IT HAPPEN’

Winners ‘MAKE IT HAPPEN’ Losers let it happen”

The journey of life presents opportunity to one and all to ‘MAKE IT HAPPEN’, either making it great or making it mediocre. The choice lies with us. So what is stopping the majority of women to ‘make it happen’?
What stall’s her dreams and desires? Ask any woman and she would say that the stress in her personal or professional life is constantly on the rise, becoming a barrier in accomplishing her goals. To elaborate further, she says that it is either less time or fewer resources, less energy or fewer opportunities, lack of recognition or devoid of inner peace, and the list thus goes on and on.

Regardless to her reasons and justifications, it is more of confusion, distress and self doubt that stop her from making it happen. Resources are available and opportunities are galore, the reason for all her exhaustion, distress and lack of confidence lies with her. She fails to notice that it is she who is the biggest contributor to all that mayhem and misfortune in her life. She can definitely make it happen, what so ever it is, if she understands the one fact that, “stress management is all about making the right choices in life”

Out of the many so called right choices the one most important would be to start loving herself first, because, we cannot give what we do not have. She has to become aware of her strengths, drop her ego and love herself so that she becomes capable of loving others.

Let us understand it this way that people around us and the world as a whole needs our flame, but to keep this lamp burning we need to keep putting oil in it. How should we do that, how can we keep our flames flickering out?
Here are a few simple commandments which if we pledge today (The International Womens Day, 2015)  to follow we can help ourselves live a stress free life and “MAKE IT HAPPEN”

• To keep the light sparkling, be committed to your own well being and self care

• Drop your standard to work as a perfectionist.
It is better to complete a task with 85% perfection than procrastinate it and wait for 100% perfection.

• Schedule some time for yourself and add various non work activities. This will give you extra motivation and focus for the times when you are working

• Exercise/Go for a Walk/Read a book/Visit a parlor and pamper yourself

• When stressed or unfocussed, switch off yourself and do nothing.
Meditate and quite your thoughts

• Do not chase after beauty defined by others, it could be unfavorable to your peace of mind and efficiency.

• Learn a new skill or keep updating your previous skills

• Rest, relax, recoup and regroup and recover from your burnout

• Design your own life, rather than accepting the one which has fallen to your lot

• And finally, as the great inspirational quote says, “Stop waiting for things to happen, go out there and MAKE IT HAPPEN

Woman is born with the inborn capacity to light up the world with her beauty, creativity and intelligence. However this aptitude of hers can be tapped only if she makes the right choices. What would you be choosing?


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